New Earth Stewardship Program

Awakening your divine feminine in birth, business and spirituality. Guiding you on your healing journey to New Earth Stewardship and deep transformation.

Taking Care of New Earth & Birthing Your Vision

Peel back the layers, remember why you came here and activate your mission

You know what’s happening, you feel the paradigm shift as we transition to the New Earth. You’ve felt it energetically at the deepest level of your being. Riding the waves of change as they surge through you - leaving no aspect of your life untouched. 


Truly, you know there’s no going back to the way things were before. 


This can feel both empowering and unnerving. It’s liberating and disorienting. Each of us is walking our own new path of adventure into the unknown… There are no maps and very few guides. We’re all in this together as we birth a New Earth and discover new ways of being we have never experienced before. 


You feel the calling to step up and share your passions on a whole new level. Birthing new ways of being in the world. Whether that’s calling in new souls, activating higher frequencies of your healing potential, or anchoring deeper energies through your purpose-led business. You are ready to show up more fully as yourself...


As you step forward to activate your Light, you are not alone. 


Though your path will be unique, and you’ll meet your own deepest fears and inner resistance, you are invited into a circle of support to hold you as you usher in the new frequencies that are ready to be born in you. 


Samantha Briatico and the Collective of Birthing in New Earth Leaders will become a circle of sacred doulas to assist you in your own journey of New Earth Stewardship. 


Facilitated and guided by Samantha Briatico - founder of Birthing in New Earth - this nine-month mentorship program is designed to be a bridge to help you crossover into a new way of being, supporting you in your healing journey and giving birth to your vision in a time of transition.

Activate The Path of the Priestess

You get to choose your guides, choose your healing & choose your way...

When you ignite your own initiation by choosing the New Earth Stewardship program, you arrive at the forked path - the Path of the Priestess. You get to choose. 


This is not a “cookie-cutter” mentorship program. 


You’ll activate your leadership by choosing the path that’s right for you. 


Structured around the 9-month period of pregnancy, New Earth Stewardship mentoring is segmented into three trimesters. 


Your primary guide for the first two trimesters will be Samantha Briatico, founder of Birthing in New Earth. Samantha will be guiding you through your journey toward New Earth Stewardship with the support of the Divine Feminine Council. At the third trimester, you will shape the final stages of your journey as you prepare for your own birth or rebirth...


You’ll choose your mentors from the Birthing in New Earth Collective to create a bespoke and unique program tailored to your individual needs.


Whether you are birthing a child, a business or a higher spiritual modality, you’ll be guided and supported as you bring your gifts into the New Earth.


You are a Steward of the New Earth


Birth, facilitate and care for the powerful evolution of human consciousness.


A Circle of Doulas to Hold You


Receive support in your healing and transformation through this time of transition.

Choose the Path of the Priestess


Activate your own unique path of initiation as you step into your next level of service, fulfilment and leadership.

What an unmeasurable gift we have been given with the incredible lineup of speakers at the Birthing In New Earth Gathering, in this crucial time of awakening a new earth. The talks have covered a vast amount of subjects providing me with enormous empowerment for my personal growth, tools for my business, parenting skills, knowledge about the feminine (and masculine) power as well as understanding how to navigate the multiple phases of life. Thank you so much for such a rich and awakening event that is helping me to dive into the unknown and best part of myself.

Grace Hall

New Earth Stewardship - to activate your healing and transformation in a time of transition.

Your rebirth starts here...

Trimester 1

Activate your initiation with Samantha Briatico and the Collective of Birthing in New Earth Leaders. As part of this exclusive new community, you’ll experience a wide range of embodied practices, meditations, live group circles, self-development processes and healing modalities to support you in your transition.

Trimester 2

Step into your expansion as you dive deeper into your calling and embody the wisdom of your gifts. Open up to your inner power, strength and voice. You’ll anchor into your divine feminine embodiment, cycles and flow.




Trimester 3

Choose your pathway to deepen your leadership and prepare for transformation. It is time to share your gifts with the world. Receive bespoke mentorship with council members and learn how you can thrive with your purpose-filled business or New                    Earth project.                                                                     



When you register for New Earth Stewardship Mentoring, you’ll also get access to ALL these bonuses as part of your program!

$4400 VALUE)

Monthly 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Samantha and tailored mentoring in the 3rd trimester with your choice of leaders from the Divine Feminine Council


($2200 VALUE)

Individual and group healing sessions with Samantha and others throughout the nine-month program

($1500 VALUE)

Course add-on options and generous discounts on sessions from members of the Birthing in New Earth Collective and the Divine Feminine Council

Enter this Circle of Support for New Earth Stewardship.


Book your free discovery call today to find out how you can craft your own path of healing and transformation.

What you will receive:

  • Live Sessions every week with Samantha and Guests in our intimate online group of New Earth Stewards
  • New/Full moon online circles to gather in ceremony, celebration, gratitude and intention - with opportunities to deepen your connection with yourself, your practice, your vision and our New Earth soul family tribe
  • Course add-on options are available throughout the nine-month program to tailor your experience and dive deeper into your soul’s calling
  • Monthly reflections, meditations, embodiment practices, and talks
  • Business Mentoring to activate your purpose and birth the New Earth by sharing your unique gifts with others
  • Connection, care and support from our community to share with on your journey
  • Bespoke, individual mentoring in the third trimester to activate your passions and prepare for your next steps
  • Bonuses and surprises along the way

Meet Samantha Briatico, Birthing in New Earth founder

Hi, my name is Samantha and I am the founder of Birthing in New Earth.


Birth, business and spirituality are my passions and have been part of my life for many years as a doula and as a teacher of yoga, meditation and dance. I truly believe that when we bring the wisdom of the divine feminine into these areas, there is huge potential for change in our world.


It took me many years, but through various initiations, dark nights and healing experiences, I found my way back home to myself and uncovered my mission, my purpose, my calling in life and what I am meant to share with the world... my service to humanity.


And now I feel called to help others on this path.


Now is the time! 


I can’t hold back any longer. I’m at the end of one phase of my journey - the journey of stepping into my role as a New Earth Leader - and I’m ready to support you as you begin yours. 


I've walked this path. I’ve met my fears and faced them. Now I've been gifted with this beautiful opportunity to help you step into full confidence in yourself. 


I am excited for what the future holds and truly believe that New Earth is upon us. When we gather together with a common vision, we can rise together in Unity Consciousness.

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